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About Printips

Printips is a monthly newsletter subscription service for printers. Its purpose is to provide printers with printing and printing-related content that can be sent to customers and prospects in the form of a printed newsletter, any type of web-based communication (e-newsletter, blast e-mail, drip marketing) or by using social media (blogging, tweeting).

Because its topics are exclusively printing and printing-related, using Printips will position you as an expert in what you sell offset printing, digital print, and mailing services and as a knowledgeable source of information on sales and marketing, traditional and e-mail marketing campaigns, graphic design and other disciplines related to printing, mailing and communicating with customers and prospects.

In its most popular format, Printips is a fully formatted 2-color newsletter that only requires adding your company name, logo and contact information before distributing. In this format, Printips is available as
  • InDesign CS3 for the Macintosh or Windows
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
Many subscribers prefer to customize Printips as a full color newsletter that showcases their design capabilities. For these subscribers, Printips is available in plain text so the content can be easily imported into the design template. For examples of subscriber custom designs, click on the Printips Your Way tab.
Each issue of Printips is consistent in design and layout. The newsletter is in five parts:
  • A two-page lead story from one of five subjects areas (skills, applications, theory, equipment and processes, history);
  • The Idea Corner presenting useful information related to the lead story;
  • Vocabulary of terms used in the lead story or related to the topic of the issue;
  • Tips & Tricks designed to help customers improve their understanding of production issues or improve their skills as technicians; and
  • Q&A presenting a question related to the lead story with appropriate answer.
Printips has been published continuously since 1981. There have been three publishers, each also the owner of a printing company. This means that Printips topics are always current and covering the issues and FAQs being asked by the customers and prospects of Printips subscribers.

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