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Design Printips Your Way

Don't like the basic 2-color design of Printips? Then do it your way!

Many of our subscribers have developed their own four-color templates as a way of customizing Printips and demonstrating their design and printing capabilities. That's why we make a text-only version of each issue available. Just import the content into your design template, and you have a completely custom version.

As a service to subscribers, we offer four custom design templates. All are available as a free download in the Subscriber Area.

This page shows a few of the designs developed by current subscribers. If you would like to see others, click on Request a Sample Packet.

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Design Samples
Content is King

The true value of Printips is not the design it's the content. We purposely choose to use our resources on the two activities that print shop owners rarely have time for  research and original writing.

So look past the simple 2-color design of Printip
s and focus on the content. The modular design means you will have content of varying lengths, suitable for many other uses besides a newsletter:
  • Educational white paper (using the 1000-word lead story)
  • Copy for promotional post cards, buck slips, statement stuffers and counter cards (using the 150- to 300-word Idea Corner, Tips & Tricks).
  • FAQs (using the 150-300-word Q&A).
  • Blog entries
  • Tweets
Each issue of Printips is written in a conversational style that is easy to understand and is a fast read. Your customers and prospects will appreciate small time investment it takes to read and learn.

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