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Top Ten Reasons To Subscribe To Printips
  1. Puts your company's name in front of your customers and prospects regularly.

    Printips appears regularly to remind customers and prospects that you're available to serve them. Customers and prospects will be aware of your company, its services, and where you are located.

  2. Educates your customers and prospects.

    Printips articles are designed specifically to teach your customers and prospects how to be better print buyers. Your customers and prospects will learn what you want them to know about printing procedures, trends, and techniques; design and prepress; sales and marketing concepts; and traditional direct mail and web-based communication.

  3. Showcases your expertise as a printing professional.

    Because Printips provides useful print-related information that is valuable to your customers and prospects, you are established as a knowledgeable and reliable source of information about printing and printing-related topics.

  4. Builds good will and customer loyalty.

    Customers appreciate useful information‚ especially if the information is hard for them to get any other way. By focusing on print-related information, Printips provides a steady flow of otherwise hard-to-obtain information.

  5. Establishes your interest in your customer's success.

    Printips empowers customers to handle their printing orders more efficiently and effectively, resulting in better-informed print buyers.

  6. Provides support for your company's sales efforts.

    Printips is an excellent leave-behind for outside sales people as well as a counter display piece for walk-ins. It demonstrates more effectively than words the quality of your company's work and your professional expertise.

  7. Demonstrates the quality of your printing and mailing services.

    Each issue of Printips provides a new opportunity to demonstrate your company's skill as a printer and a mailer.

  8. Demonstrates your company's dependability and reliability.

    When you mail Printips each month, you are showing your customers and prospects that scheduling and consistency are important to your company.

  9. Enhances your reputation as an expert.

    Printips's educational content shows customers that you're an authority in matters related to printing. It establishes your company as a trusted information source.

  10. Distinguishes your company from your competition.

    By publishing Printips every month, you will set yourself apart from the competition, even if the competition also sends a newsletter. That is because Printips provides print-related information - not general business topics, jokes or recipes that can be found elsewhere.

Fifteen Uses for Printips!
  1. Use Printips as a printed newsletter.

  2. Use Printips's content to create an e-newsletter or a blog.

  3. Use Printips's Idea Corner as a weekly e-mail that is part of a drip marketing campaign for prospects.

  4.  Use Printips's lead article as a digitally-printed promotional piece.

  5. Use Printips's vocabulary section to compile a graphic arts dictionary.

  6. Use Printips's Tricks & Tips as a promotional post card.

  7. Use Printips's content for any purpose – on your web site, for newsletters distributed via traditional mail or e-mail, or for social networking applications like blogging and tweeting.

  8. Use Printips to demonstrate paper and ink combinations.

  9. Use Printips to eliminate copyright headaches.

  10. Use Printips to demonstrate design techniques (screens, tints, use of white space).

  11. Use Printips to showcase your full range of products and services so you don't hear customers say, "I didn't know you did that".

  12. Use Printips to encourage customers to call with technical questions.

  13. Use Printips to request a response from your customers.

  14. Use Printips to establish yourself as an expert and a reliable source of information.

  15. Use Printips as a leave-behind when calling on prospects.

    And Many More!

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